Waspaloy UNS N07001 Werkstoff 2.4654:-

Waspaloy is available in Waspaloy wire, Waspaloy Round bar, Waspaloy Forged bar, Waspaloy hex bar, Waspaloy Flat bar, Waspaloy Circles, Waspaloy Ring, Waspaloy Tube, Waspaloy seamless Pipe, Waspaloy Welded / ERW Pipe, Waspaloy Sheet, Waspaloy Plate, Waspaloy Coil, Waspaloy Flanges, Waspaloy fasteners, Waspaloy Socket weld Fittings, Waspaloy ferrule fittings, Waspaloy Buttweld fittings Like cap, elbow, tee, Reducer. For all stock availability contact Sales.

Alloy Name Trade Name UNS No. American Specs German Specs
Waspaloy Waspaloy UNS N07001 AMS 5544 Sheet, Strip and Plate
AMS 5586 Welded Tube
AMS 5828 Welding Wire
AMS 5704 Bar and Forgings
AMS 5706 Bar and Forgings
AMS 5707 Bar and Forgings
AMS 5708 Bar and Forgings
AMS 5709 Bar and Forgings
Werkstoff 2.4654

Technical Data Sheet

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % Cr B Zr Al Ti Mo Co Cu Fe S Si Mn C P Ni
Waspaloy 18-21 0.003-00.1 0.02-0.12 1.2-1.6 2.75-3.25 3.5-5.0 12-15 0.50 max 2 max 0.030 max 0.75 max 1 max 0.02-0.10 max 0.030 max Bal

WASPALOY is a nickel based age hardenable alloy that possesses high temperature strength while still having a good corrosion resistance, especially to oxidation. WASPALOY can be used at temperatures up to 650°C (1200°F) which is critical rotating applications. WASPALOY is used in gas turbine engine components, missile systems, shafts, spacers, seals, rings, casings, fasteners and many other uses in engine hardware, airframe assemblies.

Typical Mechanical Properties

Material Condtion Thickness Temp Tensile Strength ksi Yield Strength ksi Elongation in 4D Hardness HRC
Waspaloy Sheet Sol Treated, Stabilization + Precipitation HT 0-0.020" Room 170 110 15 34-44
Waspaloy Sheet
Sol Treated, Stabilization + Precipitation HT 0-0.020" 1000°F 145 100 13  
Waspaloy Sheet Sol Treated, Stabilization + Precipitation HT over 0.020" Room 175 115 20 34-44
Waspaloy Sheet Sol Treated, Stabilization + Precipitation HT over 0.020" 1000°F 150 105 15  

Properties as per AMS 5544. Heat Treatment is as follows:
Annealing 1975°F / 30 mins and Air Cool
Solution Heat Treatment 1825°F / 2hrs and Air Cool
Stabilization Heat Treatment 1550°F /4hrs and Air Cool
Precipitation Heat Treatment 1400°F / 16 hrs and Air Cool

Waspaloy Bar Properties
Properties as per AMS 5708 type 2 (capable of AMS 5709) Heat Treatment is as follows
Solution Treat 1900 - 1975°F / 1-4 hours and Air Cool
Resulting hardness not higher than 302HB
Stabilization Heat Treatment Heat to 1550°F / 4 hrs and Air Cool
Precipitaion Heat Treatment Heat to 1400°F / 16 hrs and Air Cool
Resulting hardness 32-42 HRC


Waspaloy Rod, Bar, Wire and Forging Stock
ASTM B 637, ISO 9723, ISO 9724, ISO 9725, AMS 5704, AMS 5706, AMS 5707, AMS 5708, AMS 5709, AMS 5828, MAM 5706, AECMA PrEN 2193, AECMA PrEN 2194, AECMA PrEN 2406, AECMA PrEN 2958, AECMA PrEN 2959, AECMA PrEN 2960, AECMA PrEN 3220.

Waspaloy Plate, Sheet and Strip
AMS 5544, AECMA PrEN 2195

Waspaloy Other
UNS N07001, W. Nr 2.4654.

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