Titanium Grade 2 Tubes Wst. 3.7035 UNS R50400:-

Specification:  ASTM B 337/ASME SB 337
ASTM B 338/ASME SB 338
EN ISO 1127/EN 10305/PED 97/23 EC
Maximum service temperature: 430°C / 800°F

Titanium grade 2 is a commercially pure titanium and the most commonly used type of titanium for industrial applications. The alloy is used primarily for its corrosion resistance to pitting, crevice and cavitations corrosion, erosion and stress corrosion cracking in salt water, and a broad range of acids, alkalis and industrial chemicals. Titanium is a low density material with a high strength to weight ratio.


  • Excellent resistant to oxidizing or mildly reducing media
  • Good impact properties at low temperatures
  • Very good resistance to corrosion and erosion by seawater and marine atmospheres
  • Good ductility and formability
  • Easy weld ability

Market applications:

  •    Petrochemical
  •    Aerospace
  •    Medical equipment    
  •    Oil and gas
  •    Seawater equipment  

Technical Data Sheet

Technical composition (%) Fe N C Ti O H
Titanium Grade II min - - - 99.2 - -
max 0.30 0.03 0.100 - 0.25 0.015

Mechanical Properties Titanium Grade II
Tensile strenght (mpa, min) 485
Yield strength (0.2% offset mpa, min) 345
Elongation (%, min) 28
Density / weight (g / cm3 / kg) 4.51

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