Stainless Steel 440b UNS S44003 Werkstoff 1.4112:-

301 Annealed is available in sheet and strip. Coils: Cold drawn 10-35kg coil Bars Ø 0-1.99mm: Cold drawn and polished Bars Ø 2.00-40mm: Cold drawn, ground and polished Bars Length : 2m or 3m. Surface roughness N5-N6

Alloy 440B Stainless Steel is a high carbon chromium steel which is manufactured in rod, bar and coil. (AISI 440B ~ Stainless Steel). For all stock availability of contact Sales.

Grade US Commercial European Specification Other
440B AISI 440B Werkstoff 1.4112
UNS S44003

Technical Data Sheet

Chemical Composition Limits
Weight % C S Cr Mo Vanadium Fe


0.03 max 17-19 0.90-1.30 0.07-0.12 Rem
Other Chemically similar Specifications
Weight % C S Cr Mo Vanadium Fe
Werkstoff 1.4112 0.85-0.95 0.03 max 17-19 0.90-1.30 0.07-0.12 Rem
X 90 CrMoV 18 0.85-0.95 0.03 max 17-19 0.90-1.30 0.07-0.12 Rem
AISI 440B~ 0.85-0.95 0.03 max 17-19 0.90-1.30 0.07-0.12 Rem

Material Properties

This steel is designed to provide stainless properties with excellent hardness. In some respects it behaves similarly to tool steel. Chronifer M 17B resists corrosion from mild atmospheres, fresh water steam, ammonia, many petroleum products and organic materials and several mild acid environments.

Standard Tolerances
Diameter: h7
Out of roundness/cylindricity :1/2 of dia tolerance
Tolerance in length : +50/-0mm

Corrosion Resistance
This grade is used in the hardened and tempered condition for a good corrosion resistance.
For optimum, corrosion resistance, surfaces must be free of scale and foreign particles.

Heat Treatment
Soft annealing: 750-800ºC
Slow furnace cooling (2-4 hours)
Hardening: 1000-1080ºC
Max obtainable hardness 57-59 HRC

Cutting Rate
20-35m/min (approx value, depending on the lubrication oil, the cutting tools, the shape of parts)

Stock Range
Standard dimensions from Ø 0.80 to 24.00mm with many intermediate dimensions.

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